Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Kicking it up a notch

After going through my pile of PODs (the ones that I've kept, many of which will have reviews posted here eventually) I realized that just reviewing these books was not enough. Some of these really needed to be recognized in some unusual way.

Introducing The Needle Awards.

That's right folks. We here at POD-DY MOUTH are going to be giving away awards this winter for the "best of the best" POD titles.

Okay, we're not really going to give you an award for real or anything, it's just . . .

Let me start at the beginning:

I plan on reviewing 50 titles this year (approximately one per week on average.) The titles aren't necessarily published this year (without galleys, how could anyone really restrict reviewing POD titles to a specific year?) Of those 50 titles, I will select, in my opinion, the best five books (that's 10% for you mathematically challenged.)

Now, those five titles will be further reviewed (even reread, in some cases) by five people: yours truly, my two POD sisters (who also happen to be published writers), and two other readers who are also in the "industry" in different capacities.

We will then convene, ala National Book Awards, and choose the best title of the group, to be selected as the Needle Award Book of the Year (the other four will be Needle finalists.)

What does this mean to you, as an author, if you are a finalist (or win)? These five titles will be presented (more to come on how) to various senior folks in the publishing industry.

Okay, that means people I know. Who, yet, is not completely determined--however, I do have three agents (not mine) and two editors (not mine) who are onboard already and I hope to push that to at least five and five.

Finalists will be announced mid-January 2006 and the awards announced late February 2006 (of course; right between the Grammys and Oscars.) Big presentation at Radio City Music Hall? Get real; we're talking POD here. Pay attention: Teacher + Midlist Author = Broke. Internet recognition will have to be enough.

But . . . I am working on some other surprises, too. Stay tuned.