Thursday, March 31, 2005

More Needling . . .

I appreciate the kind words about the Needle Awards--although it resulted in a ton of emails, all asking pretty much the same questions. So let me see if I can address them here:

(1) Can I submit my book? Not really. As I mentioned some time ago, I would need to get one of those PODS containers (that's Portable On Demand Storage and has nothing to do with POD books--until now) to house all the people who want to send me books to review.

There is another element: I do not want folks submitting a book that they had to pay for (since you do not have a publisher submitting galleys.) That seems really unfair, and if I hear about a book that intrigues me, I will find a way to get a copy. As mentioned before, you are more than welcome to email me with a synopsis or link for your book and I'll take a look.

One other thing: you know if your book is decent. If you threw it together quickly and it needs work, please do not ask me to find/read it. Be honest with yourself--and me.

(2) Is there a formal process for book selection? No. Totally subjective, baby--also ala National Book Awards. In this case, though, everything is lumped together: fiction, memoir, history, etc. Is that fair? Who cares, really. I've only got time to read so many books and though it is in a haphazard fashion, I am managing to find quality titles. There are many, many good POD books out there--and I am trying to find 50 a year, as random as it may be.

(3) Will you marry me? No.

(4) Will the finalists and winner know who is receiving the promo material? Probably. Unless an agent or editor wants to remain anonymous (those already onboard have agreed.) However, only the winner and finalists will now. I will not be broadcasting the names of the generous agents and editors willing to give these titles a look. If you need leads for finding a good agent or publisher, you should be checking Gerard's website.

(5) Where will the ceremony be held? Will there be alcohol served? The ceremony will be in front of you computer screen. Alcohol? BYOB. Open up a can of Schlitz and have a field day.

(6) Will this help my book's sales? Who knows. The NBAs did almost nothing for sales on the five fiction finalists. It did give them great exposure, though. And a good deal of foreign rights were sold as a result and future titles from some of the authors were sold too. I would say the best you can get from this is a traditional book deal. But this business is extremely subjective, as you already know. All we can do is hope and pray for the best.

(7) What's in this for you? Nothing. The same way that there is nothing in it for Gerard at his site. The same way there is nothing in it for your local library. I just enjoy sharing the books that I (and my POD sisters) have found. No angle. No benefit. I'm not asking for money or letting advertisers fill the screen with crap. Just read and enjoy. The best things in life are free.

Or a $25.00 paperback.

I'll have more details in the future. For now, back to finding some buried treasure.