Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Edit this

Okay, enough with the emails. Does Kakutani have to answer to every person who disagrees with the noble reviewer? Probably.

But I don't.

No offense, legions of fans and followers, but if you think that some POD book I read and endorsed was not to your liking, well . . . shove it. I'm not the NY Times or the Washington Post or the LA Times. I am a blogger: unpaid, extremely tired, overburdened and armed with an extremely short fuse. I do this for fun. Take the fun away and all you have left is . . . un-fun. I get (roughly) 100-125 emails a day from folks (mostly great stuff) but I really do not need the influx of dissenting opinions in email form.

There is a place for them, actually: put them in the comments section so that other people can read them (the folks who might care.) As for me? I'd rather read about HOW TO LOSE INCHES or GREAT NEW MORTGAGE RATES or a whole host of things that I could do to enhance my non-existent schlong.

One other note: I know (some) of these books have grammatical/punctuation errors. So? So does this posting. I read articles in the Post every day with errors. I own two Grisham novels (THE PARTNER and THE TESTAMENT) with grammatical and usage errors. The large majority of POD books never see editing beyond Word's spell checker. And trust me when I say that traditional authors have a huge advantage over the self-published. I've read unedited manuscripts for (editor) friends and the difference (between ms form and published/edited form) is amazing. And I would be foolish not to admit that my own writing has benefited greatly from my editor's pencil.

So take my reviews with a grain of salt.

Or for you POD writers: Take my reviews with a grain assault.

On an up note, it turns out that Nicole Hunter's lovely, rich WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END is up for Book of the Year (Religious Fiction category) at ForeWord magazine. Much deserved. Here's hoping Ms. Hunter brings the award home (beating all those heavily edited books from Algonquin, Oxford, Beacon, etc.)

Gotta go. A stack of books awaits.