Friday, April 15, 2005

Pod-dymouth profile: You!

Well, I let my little poll go until I got just over 10,000 responses and figured that was enough to get a good idea of you are. Here are the interesting tidbits:

18.7% of you are POD authors yourselves (1,822). Hard to believe that many POD authors exist, never mind find their way to this blog.

6.4% of you were traditional authors (643). Even more amazing.

The far majority, 63% were readers and book fans (6,333).

A sad, disappointed 344 (or 3%) came looking for porn.

But most notably, I have had 48 agents and 37 editors stop by for a visit. What does that tell me? Two things:
(1) Some wise folks in publishing realize that good titles are being lost in the POD wasteland and might want to find a gem or two, and;
(2) A lot of folks at Penguin Putnam are trying to figure out who I am, and probably why I am not working on editing my own material.

I am getting thousands of hits daily now and will probably top 600,000 hits for the year--surprising when you consider this blog has only existed for a month and change.

Anyway, thanks everyone--for visiting and reading.

Let's get back to finding some treasure.