Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No Poddy at the Quills

Yeah, that's right. If I had any hopes that my debut novel might be nominated for the Quill Awards (I didn't) set for October 22nd, they are dashed now.

NBC will run the first-ever nationally televised "book awards" hosted by a "celebrity" (what, like everyone doesn't assume it will be Steve Martin?) this fall to a handful of authors in a range of categories.

What, you think "best POD novel" is one of them? You'll have to settle for my simple Needle Awards, folks.

Besides, the requirements for the Quills are fairly stringent (and thus why Poddy will not be showing):

Competition in the book genre categories will begin with a slate of about 1,800 eligible titles. To make the long list of nominees, a book must have been published in its original format in North America between August 1, 2004, and July 31, 2005, and marketed in the United States. It must also meet one of the following criteria: a starred review in Publishers Weekly, Barnes & Noble's Discover Great New Writers Program selection, one of the ABA's Book Sense Picks, a Borders Books & Music Original Voices title or has made it onto the bestsellers list of Publishers Weekly, Book Sense, Barnes & Noble or Borders.


But enough about me.

Let's discuss anonymity, which has been getting a bit of buzz in my email and in the comments. Anonymity is a beautiful thing. It allows people to be honest. It also allows people to be rude, I guess, but the honesty outweighs the bad.

Why am I anonymous? A reminder: if I wasn't, I would be open to "attacks" on Amazon and BN to all the people who asked me to review a book (but did not.) Secondly, this would be akin to handing out blurbs on a weekly basis, and that's no good either. Furthermore, my agent and editor friends stay anonymous for a reason: they do not want to be pelted with inquireies from hopeful POD authors; they are willing to share their insight/knowledge, but not so much their time, you see?

So, for those of you dying to know who I/we are . . . you'll have to enjoy us through the fog.

And, no, I am not Nicole Krauss. Unfortunately.

Tomorrow: Agent Three!