Monday, June 13, 2005

ISN'T THAT BIGAMY? by Mike Vogel (Lulu)

What is my deal with finding POD
books that take place in Utah? Well, indeed, I have found another winner. Or perhaps I should say it found me.

For all the folks who think it might be a waste of time to pitch your book to me (via email, of course--PDFs preferred), here is a success story. Mike Vogel pitched me, then hooked me. I read the first chapter of
ISN'T THAT BIGAMY by Mike Vogel and realized I would need to put aside the afternoon's activities. Here we have a fresh-faced crime novel with the sharp idiosyncrasies of Elmore Leonard mixed with the bizarre "what was he thinking" actions of Carl Hiaasen.

What's not to like?:

A hit man who smokes Virginia Slims.

A mob boss obsessed with CEOs, project management and corporate culture.

A womanizer in a land of plural marriage who can't seem to get lucky.

BIGAMY tells the story of Stan, a guy who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time: he witnesses a mob hit on a federal agent. So he goes into the Witness Relocation Program--to rural, polygamous Utah.

Very wrong place at the wrong time.

What ensues is a bizarre hunting of poor Stan while he increases his bride count in an effort to satisfy his testosterone-based urges, ending in an all-character blowout that will leave your head spinning. I can't give away too many details without exposing key elements, but rest assured that it is a snappy read and thoroughly enjoyable. Think GET SHORTY meets DOC HOLLYWOOD.

And it's $9.95 through Lulu. How can you beat that?

Perhaps most amazing of all: it has a cool cover, to boot!

Stay tuned, ladies and gents. Who knows what we'll see tomorrow. Even I don't know.