Friday, June 10, 2005

MORE on the most self-serving POD release of our time

But first . . . a bright note. Here is a little update on Nicole Hunter's award-winning (that's right, award-winning) novel, WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END. Ms. Hunter pulled in the Silver Award for religious fiction at Foreword Magazine's Annual Book of the Year Awards. Winners were announced at BEA this past week. That, along with her IPPY nomination (and all the other good press), has generated quite a bit of attention.

And rightfully so.

So much in fact, that Ms. Hunter is now represented by one of the leading agents in New York (let's just say that BEA launched a big week for her.) Don't be surprised to hear or read about a book deal for her in
Publisher's Lunch. She's on her way. Deservedly.


Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah . . . I know everyone is sick of hearing about PublishAmerica. Me, too. In fact, I had no real issue with them until this crazy take-advantage-of-your-authors marathon got underway.

A kind PA author sent me a copy of the "solicitation" sent by PA corporate to its stable of authors regarding the breakout smash,
HOW TO UPSET A GOLIATH BOOK BIZ, and here it is. We'll pause so you can open some windows to increase ventilation.

Dear author,

You are changing an entire industry.

The last time we sent you an announcement was when our ranks had surpassed ten thousand authors. Today we can inform you that three thousand more authors have become your PublishAmerica peers. Each day, more than 130 new authors who have heard or read about your successes, want us to review their manuscripts. Because they saw what you have achieved, and they want it, too.

A force of almost 13,000 strong, you are changing an industry that was once dominated by an elite. What PublishAmerica's authors are accomplishing has never been seen in the history of publishing. To say that this has not gone unnoticed, is an understatement.

Therefore we proudly announce to you the upcoming release of How to Upset a Goliath Book Biz, subtitled PublishAmerica, the Inside Story of an Underdog with a Bite.

Written by PublishAmerica CEO Willem Meiners, with an introduction by company president Larry Clopper, the book

*gives you a unique behind-the-scenes look at PublishAmerica,
*is illustrated with photos of our office and staff,
*exposes the fading role of bookstores,
*explains why PublishAmerica's success was inevitable and unstoppable,
*shares numerous anecdotes about, and quotes from, PublishAmerica authors.

You may now order your own copy of the PublishAmerica inside story, at the special pre-release discount price of $9.95 (retail price: $24.95), here:

But there is more! To celebrate your successes, we are offering bookstores a special discount deal that we also extend to any individual who needs books on hand: This offer covers all of our titles except full-color picture books:

*between 25-50 books: 40 pct discount
*between 51-100 books: 45 pct discount + a copy of How to Upset a Goliath Book Biz for free!
*between 101-200 books: 50 pct discount + a copy of How to Upset a Goliath Book Biz for free!
*201 or more books: 55 pct discount + a copy of How to Upset a Goliath Book Biz for free!

The offer expires June 10. Orders by phone only, at 301-695-1707.

Thank you, and have a great Summer!

Author Support Team

Wow. What a great deal. Nothing like asking you to buy a $25 book/promo kit for the company, and hey, while you're at it, buy some of your own books so we can make more money!

Here's how PublishAmerica can make this right: Send a copy of this book to any PublishAmerica author who wants one--for free, including postage. Next, stop changing the costs for your authors to buy their own freaking product; get them as low as you can allow and leave them there (a hint--they should be lower than your "promo" prices above.) Lastly, take a lesson from Susan Driscoll and be honest with your future authors about what your company can and cannot (mostly cannot) do for them; do not pretend to be Random House anymore.

Oh, and uh, Mr. Meiners and Mr. Clopper: if you have a hard time selling your book, here is a great idea: make a list of 100 friends, acquaintances and family members you could market it to and submit the list to yourselves.