Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Morning Fruit Cup

The senior vice presidents here at the Cafe realize the importance of fruit in your diet, so eat up and stay healthy (back to grease, eggs and high carbs next week.) And no picking out the cherries; the red dye is as healthful as fiber!

Speaking of fiber, here is your P5 for August 12, 2005 (from very early this morning):

(1) COOKIN' FOR LOVE: 10,949 5
(2) SUFFER IN SILENCE: 21,440 5
(3) ISN'T THAT BIGAMY?: 73,725 5
(4) INFERTILITY SUCKS: 100,072 6
(5) THE RED CADUCEUS: 122,199 5

Over at
Miss Snark's literary blog, she tells a story in passing that made the hair on my neck (as well as the hair on my upper lip, dang it!) stand on end. (You'll have to scroll down . . . it is the entry entitled "The return of Returns.")

It is a story of how a B&N that was moving 478 yards across the parking lot decided it was easier to simply return all the books in the old store and get new ones for the upgraded store.

*bile rises*

This is why you have to pay $25 for a hardback (and many times a lousy hardback). The big stores are not only using this ridiculous business model, they are abusing it.

And--perhaps the most significant point here--if POD were a readily used technology (I'm talking aside from the self-publishers) where books were actually printed out in the store, all B&N would have had to do was get a couple of guys to slide the printers across the parking lot.

Granted, I am skeptical that the "print in store" model is feasible. But, man--if it solves problems like the one Miss Snark mentions, I say we give it a go!

While MJ Rose is well-known within the writing/reading/blogging/publicizing communities, one of her greatest blogs sometimes gets missed. In case you haven't been over to
Backstory recently (or ever) you should really take a look.

So many times I finish a book and wonder now, where did the author come up with that idea? Well, that's exactly where Backstory comes in. They are a collection of brief essays from various authors describing what inspired them to write a particular story.

It's the perfect distraction for a lazy Friday afternoon.

A faithful follower of this blog was kind enough to pass on a contest for POD books by Jada Press. This is its third Annual Book of the Year Award contest. As long as your book was published POD, you qualify!

First place in each category of Fiction and Nonfiction will win $1000. (Minus your $40 for entering.) Hey, if you really think your book is good, what is forty bucks? A tank of gas?


Well, that's all. It's off to the Hampton's for me, folks!

Actually, the Hampton Inn, Scranton, PA.

It's as close as I (can) get.