Monday, November 14, 2005

A TEST OF SURVIVAL by Marnie Schulenburg (iUniverse)

What if you could cure cancer? Would you be embraced and heralded before the entire world?

You'd think so.

But such is not the case in Marnie Schulenburg's A TEST OF SURVIVAL. Here we go deep into the world of cancer research (Ms. Schulenburg has the background, and this novel is based on various real events) to learn of how--and why--some people would do anything to keep the world of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, etc.) exactly the way it is.

If you're a fan of the classic thriller, you have found a home--and a unique one. The writing is perfectly paced, carefully thought-out, and well-edited, with all the bells and whistles of Barnes & Noble front-table seller--and best of all, it's an intriguing idea!

And expect to learn something. The book is chunky, the way a thriller should be, and what Tom Clancy did for naval intelligence and submarine design/functionality in THE HUNT FOR READ OCTOBER, Marnie Schulenburg does for cancer research in A TEST OF SURVIVAL. In fact, change the title to TUMOR and you've got a Robin Cook novel, except for one thing: Ms. Schulenburg weaves a fresher story than Mr. Cook.

Though at the higher end of the POD price range ($21.95--still a distance from PA pricing), it is worth every penny. A keeper. And when this title goes the traditional route (or Hollywood) you'll be glad you got an early copy.