Friday, January 06, 2006

POD-dy's going on the road

No, not going poddy on the road. Sheesh.

Only in an emergency.

Anyway, January will a busy month here at POD-dy Mouth Telecommunications and Industrial Plastics. It seems I'll be hawking my own wares in a local bookstore near you. Though probably not. If you see an incredibly sexy, moderately busty, sweet-smiling and sweet-smelling, knock-your-socks-off red-head signing books at a store near you . . . well, let's just pretend it's me.

News and book reviews will continue here, though at irregular intervals. Also - keep in mind there are only three (three!) highly-coveted slots left for my first 50 picks (we'll call them the 2005 picks.) And in reality, there is only one slot left that does not have a book slated for review.

Once the fiftieth book is reviewed--and I hire a bulldozer to move all the dreck from my garage--I am going to have to close submissions until the Needle Awards are over.

Speaking of the Needle Awards . . . things are underway for what is likely going to be the greatest award ceremony ever:

Man looks at computer screen.

"Hey, Honey!" man says, "Look . . . I won a Needle award."

Woman walks over. Looks at computer screen. Yawns.

Man opens can of Budweiser. Takes a long drink.

The real reward, I hope, is what may happen as a result of being selected/winning: getting noticed by an industry pro.

I have already been pondering the dreaded selection of titles--dreaded, I say, because I will want to select more than I can. Right now, in my free time (hold on, need to catch breath from immense laughter) I am working on the pitch letter to the agents/editors to see if I can garner more industry folks who would like to read about the winners. The real goal here is to get some exposure for books that have no business buried in the clay of self-publishing; they should be in the window at B&N.

Once I get the letters out and get a tally of how many agents and editors will be seeing the materials, then I will make the selections--and will be announced here (specific date will be forthcoming.) Finally, the two editors and two agents who agreed to pick the winner will read the selected books (give these folks a month.) So we are still looking at March for the big gala extravaganza!

And thanks to all the folks wishing me well with my book tour and new release. See you Monday with treasure.