Thursday, June 08, 2006

Updates on some 2005ers

The 2005 authors. Where are they now? Just like me, they're sitting in front of their laptop, nervously refreshing their browser, praying their Amazon rank will jump a few more points.

Okay, that's just me.

But here's some info on a few past POD-dy Picks:

Todd Noker's RATED F has been kicked up a notch at iUniverse, having been re-released via their Star program. Sound like no big deal? Turns out it is. Todd stayed in contact during the entire process and it sounded a lot like a traditional deal. He was flown out of state for a photo shoot, heavily promoted at BEA, and the book was really edited (no, really--it was.) The book sports a new and improved, Hiaasen-esque cover and the price was dropped to a competitive $12.95 (and only $9.97 with Amazon's 23% discount.) Had he received an advance, this would be no different than any other book deal (and possibly better.)

If you haven't bought it already, do it. I mean, what's ten bucks? A caramel macchiato and a couple muffins, three gallons of gas, 2/3 of a buzz from the Hair Cuttery. Let your hair grow and read a good book, dude.

Elsewhere, Carol Hoenig's gorgeous WITHOUT GRACE won the Silver Book of the Year Award from ForeWord Magazine this year. So, if don't take my opinion seriously, you should definitely take ForeWord's. And here is yet another excellent book for under $10 at Amazon. Save yourself the calories from the macchiato and the muffins and get fat from some beautiful writing.

As more news comes in, I will pass along. Over half of the Needle winners and finalists from 2005 are now repped by agents and on submission in New York. I'll keep you posted.