Thursday, August 03, 2006

The golden needle?

Is the coveted (and overly yawn-inducing) Needle Award golden?


As of this moment, eight of the ten finalists (and both winners) have representation by some of the finest literary agents in the business (at least six were as a result of the Needle nod). And it looks like one book is actually closing in on a deal.

So, are my picks that on target or is it merely coincidence?!

Yeah, probably coincidence.

But no matter what, you can trust my selections--though there will certainly be fewer this year.

Updates will forthcoming. I'll pass on the good news as soon as I get it.

And for all you fans of Dennis Latham (whose book MICHAEL IN HELL was selected by yours truly last year), he's got a new title out and a nice feature in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Check it out.