Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Spread 'em!

. . . the pages of Entertainment Weekly, that is.

Yeah, the wonderful folks over at EW did a little box/piece on me--or rather, the books I review and the purpose of my blog. As a result, my five picks for 2006 (the selections so far) ended up getting more publicity than most commercially published novels ever get (my own included) and have seen a surge on Amazon and the like. At one point, the recently reviewed book MISS ALICE MERRIWETHER'S LONG LOST CAKES & FURTHER ARCANE INDUCEMENTS TO WONDER was ranked at 507--not to mention the author was contacted about having the film rights acquired! And three agents were in contact with me about getting in touch with the authors of two of the other books.

You can catch a little snippet here, but you really need to see the print edition to get the full impact (the covers of the books.) It's the issue with LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE on the cover.

Thanks, too, to the folks over at Readerville for spreaing the word.