Friday, September 15, 2006

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH by Daniel Scott Buck (iUniverse)

I finished Daniel Scott Buck's novel while on vacation. Let me rephrase: His was the only book I finished on vacation. I went with 103 (digital) and came back with one (to review). And what a winner it is.

However, and is typically the case when you are out of the contact with the world, Michael Allen, the Grumpy Old Bookman, beat me to the punch and reviewed this treat first (and makes a good many of the points I would have made here, though his are probably better written.)

Well, you know what? This tight little book is so good it deserves two raving endorsements.

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH is a postmodern satire, a dark and devilish look into, among other things, reality television. And no, it is not a rambling jaunt into a behind-the-scenes expose of Survivor, but a compelling story about manipulation, confusion, and fame.

The writing here is wonderful, and I had to keep reminding myself that this was a self-published book. Very well-edited and clean as a whistle. And the prose is just marvelous:

The beginning of a tantrum appears of Meme's face. She sounds out each breath to get my attention. I swear she thinks her cryptic fits are a phenomenon not to be missed, like comets or shooting stars.

The novel is comedic, I suppose, but do not underestimate the power of its dark side. And most of all, pay attention; there is a lesson to be learned here that most authors would not take the time (nor have the skill) to deliver. Books like this simply do not get written much anymore (and never published) and it is quite a shame, because upon having finished SHOW, I realized what we are all missing.

Highly recommended. And at $11.95, it's a super deal.