Wednesday, November 15, 2006

300 (but who's counting?)

Contrary to what you've heard, 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can be wrong; in fact, it's certain. However, 993,673 POD-dy Mouth fans can not be wrong! We're celebrating today's post--the 300th--here at POD-dy Mouth Industries. That's right, we're opening a second can of Schlitz and it's never tasted better (it couldn't taste worse). I thought I might last 50 entries into this project but here I am, 300 posts and some 103,000 words later, still trying to find free time to do this--but still enjoying it. We've had just shy of a million visitors since this blog's inception back on March 1st of 2005, and it has been profiled/covered in no less than 14 newspapers across this great nation.

Shucks, I'm flattered.

What has all this time and attention proven? That I could have written another novel with the energy spent on this blog. But more importantly (I suppose) is we've shown that there are some dynamite books hidden in the ether, never to land in a dusty corner of B&N. I've had countless emails from folks writing of how they loved a book that I'd reviewed--or even how it changed their lives! No one has ever sent me, the author, such an email.

Way back (18 months ago), going POD (and digital format) seemed like a foolish course to follow. But the landscape is changing daily. And it is tough for an industry as low-geared as publishing to make adjustments in a timely fashion. Look at the most recent post at MJ Rose's blog. Here's a snippet: ". . . the playing field between the bestseller and the midlist book is being leveled."

So, raise a glass (if that's orange juice in your glass, throw a shot of vodka in there) and down one with me. Cheers.



Over at the PubGuy blog, there is an interview with commercially-published author (and actress) Harley Jane Kozak, where she touches on the same items as Nicholas Sparks (from my previous post).

If you haven't been to Five Chapters yet, then put down that screwdriver and type the URL with both hands! Great new writing by great (commercially-published) authors. Check out the archives for some great stuff, too.

And best of all (and totally fun), check out the Warner Books POD page. It's a great place to get books released by Warner, Bulfinch, and Little, Brown while paying PublishAmerica prices. Please note: POD titles are not returnable (*rim shot*).