Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Are you feeling lucky?

For all of you enthralled by Google-bombing, you should check out what happens when you put in these items in the Google search field and then hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button:

Scam publisher

Publishing rip-off

Vanity authors

The possibilities are endless. The results are mostly the same.


Elsewhere in the POD world:

Susanne Severeid won the second place Literary Award for Published Fiction by the Arizona Authors Association (first place went to an author at HarperCollins). And you can read an interview with Susanne here.

Arthur Edwards has done at MySpace what so many indie rock bands are doing: putting some free material up to listen to. You can visit his MySpace page and listen to the audio of a good portion of STUCK OUTSIDE OF PHOENIX there.

And anyone interested in getting an author appearance, etc. for a book club, feel free to send an email to Christopher Meeks, author of THE MIDDLE-AGED MAN AND THE SEA, to set up a date.

And you thought I was anonymous. This lady (guy?)
really pushes the envelope.