Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If it's good enough for Viggo . . .

Yes, big/fun news in the world of self-publishing: Viggo Mortensen started his own imprint (like a thousand other authors) to sell some of his books (as well as others). From the NY Times article, it seems he is actually using a print run instead of POD, but his goals (and frustrations) are really no different than what so many other authors have tried to do, like Jeremy Robinson.

And why, for the love of rocks, does the NY Times tout Viggo's literary attempts as Indie when the rest of the self-published world is viewed as vanity (or worse)? And more importantly, why can't more men look like Viggo? I mean, seriously.

Another self-published book rockets (sails? drives? walks?) to commercially-published success. Here is another cross-over deal listed at Publishers Marketplace:

President of Bridges, Branches and Braids Ruth King's HEALING RAGE: Women Making Inner Peace Possible, previously self-published, to Lauren Marino at Gotham, by Laurie Fox of the Linda Chester Literary Agency.

In case you didn't know, Gotham is part of Penguin Putnam.

And regardless of your political affiliation, you'll enjoy this quiz where you have to match the sex scene with the politician who wrote it. I only got 5 out of 13 right. (The Kenneth Starr excerpt was a gimme).