Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The other half of the job

If writing is half of the job, what is the other half? The Miami Herald has the answer (though you all know what it is).

A snippet:

In response to an e-mail asking about how he markets his books, [Seth] Godin wrote: "The unspoken truth is that except for perhaps 250 giant books every year [out of 75,000 published], the publisher is expecting the author to do 100 percent of the sales and promotion. Because authors don't understand that, they end up bitter, angry and perhaps destitute."

And later . . .

His advice to authors is to get out and really work for their books: "You need a platform to make a published book work. If you don't have a platform yet, you should self-publish your first book and give away enough copies to get a platform, and then use that platform to engage your readers so that you can sell the second one to a publisher and quit your day job.''