Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PublishAmerica: Wonders, apparently, never cease

PublishAmerica, having already upset the goliath book biz, are now blowing the minds of people nationwide, worldwide, by releasing something called e-books!

Did they invent them? Well, golly, they must have. Why else would they price them at $24.00?

Surely, the reason people have been purchasing e-books (for years) is because they are cheaper (it can't be the ease of reading, eh?) Which is why most publishers price them in $10-15 range (for a hardback release, no less.)

Considering these e-books cost PublishAmerica nothing (nothing!) to produce (they files had to be created for the POD printer) where do they get off charging $24.00? This is why (okay, one of maybe 20 reasons) people hate POD. Everything about it is egregious. But PublishAmerica? Wow.

I think $5.00 would have been more in line, free in the instances of most PublishAmerica releases. These guys are pathetic. I actually feel sorry for them; they're simply not very bright.