Tuesday, January 10, 2006

PublishAmerica's still #1!

Just a quick note from the road to let you know the big news: PublishAmerica is still the nation's number one publisher.

Right. And I'm the nation's number one book reviewer.

This particular quote from their hype is quite haunting: "We are always happy when a new author has found the way to our door, because opportunity knocks on both sides of it."

Uh . . . sure.

And just in case you are not convinced, later they write: "And, by the way, we are indeed number one. No other traditional book publisher has as many new books in print, every day!"

The comma placement is throwing me, but I think they mean no other publisher releases as many new titles every day. And for that we are thankful, eh?

As much as I pick on them, keep in mind there are some excellent books in PA's catalog. Not many, but they are in there.

That said, go back to laughing.