Monday, April 03, 2006

Why isn't PublishAmerica doing what iUniverse is doing?

Judy Klein of Kleinworks has officially been hired by iUniverse to sell subsidiary and foreign rights for their Star titles. Why do I say officially? Because she has already sold such rights for a bunch of iUniverse titles, including TORPEDO by Jeff Edwards (including audio rights!), VLAD DRACULA by Michael Augustyn and Mark Alan Morris's THE GHOST NEXT DOOR, as well as others.

The significance? As far as I know, iUniverse is the first and only POD publisher (non-small press) to proactively try to sell subsidiary (movie, audio, etc.) and foreign rights for their authors--and that includes PublishAmerica, which as a traditional publisher (geez, what's with all the lightning outside?!) they should be doing already.

From iUniverse's press release:
Klein's primary role will be working on subsidiary rights deals for authors in the iUniverse Star Program. The Star Program bridges the gap between promising new authors and traditional publishing by identifying new talent and nurturing them on a path to greater success. [Sort of like what we do here at POD-dy Mouth, except we're free and carry no responsibility] In order to be eligible for the program, each title is evaluated based on editorial quality and market potential.

As for Ms. Klein's resume?
Klein spent 12 years with prestigious publishing house Farrar, Straus & Giroux. During her tenure, she served as vice president, director of subsidiary rights, director of paperback publishing and director of audio books. Klein is also the former editor-in-chief of the Literary Guild Book Club and the Booksonline Book Clubs.

In other words, she's no hack.