Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Entertainment Weekly beats the Golden Needle?

It must.

In less than one week, three of the five authors of the POD-dy Picks profiled in the Entertainment Weekly piece have been offered representation--by excellent agents, too. Holy cow. And one of the five has been tapped for the movie rights for his book. Holy cow again.

I had no idea so many folks in the publishing industry read Entertainment Weekly. That's major!

Not to mention that (at this moment) all five picks have a better rank on Amazon than my books (rank range is 7,092 to 22,766; my books are at 26,271 and 29,987.)

(Click image for better view.)

Remember Ian Hocking, author of last year's POD-dy Pick for
Deja Vu? He has a dynamite interview with Scott Pack, former Buying Manager for Waterstone's. And Scott has some interesting observations on POD. Check it out.