Wednesday, November 29, 2006

If only the folks at Lightning Source had this much fun...

Thanks to Daniel Scott Buck and Fade Theory for this tasty little treat. See how books are bound at if'n books + marks in Pawtucket, Rhode Island--complete with dancers and music.

This is some funny stuff.


Also, check out MJ Rose's blog today, where Josie Brown offers up yet more excellent advice. (I have made it a point to read all her Wednesday entries; each and every one is poignant and important.)

Her commentary today is regarding niches (categories for how books are placed in the brick-and-mortar stores) but she touches on interesting points that affect those selling online:

"Both Barnes & Noble and Borders have shown a drop in sales this quarter compared to a year ago. At the same time Amazon sales continue to grow. Already the online commerce bohemoth has 10 percent of the market.

Borders, which has partnered with Amazon for its online commerce, announced recently that it is now reconsidering that venture. But if the break is complete, Borders will have to play catch-up as quickly and innovatively as possible. Amazon is an innovator, both in its product offerings and its technological development, as proven in the ways in which it gets customers to browse or search by topic, category (and books can be keyworded under multiple categories, I might add), look at book covers, read online excerpts, listen to audio interviews of their favorite authors, even comment with authors who blog (make that plog) right there on the book's subpage on Amazon."