Monday, March 14, 2005

PublishAmerica title lands on the Book Sense list (seriously)

Am I kidding?

Not this time.

New York agent Bob Mecoy tipped me off to the fact that an author with PublishAmerica has landed on the April Book Sense list.

RAW NERVES: A Cape Cod Comedic Thriller, by Saralee Perel

Sure enough, you can see it at the bottom under Mystery/Suspense (as a Notable.) Quite impressive, as I feel the Book Sense list is more of a thinking person's list than any other. I did a little research on this title (have not read it, though) and I know of an editor at St. Martins who loves this stuff. I should probably give her a heads-up.

Two things to note here:

(1) The Book Sense folks actually read a PublishAmerica title -- and liked it.
(2) A New York literary agent noticed it landed there, too.

Hang on, folks--we're going for a ride.