Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The (Authorhouse) Empire Strikes Back!

So on and on goes the debate of whether or not iUniverse actually ever gets a book into a Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar store. Some say yes, some say they have never seen one.

Well, Authorhouse claims you will definitely see your book stocked in bookstores.

Actually, only three copies of your book. In a single store. In England.

Don't believe me? Read this and laugh. Or weep.

There is no mention (unless my bleary eyes missed it) of what happens if they sell out of your three copies.

Interesting point here, though: What if enough self-pubbed authors agreed to pay whatever it takes to get in a bookstore? Certainly the vast sea of POD authors could outprice any publisher for a single bookstore location. I wonder just how "buyable" a store's credibility is.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our first installment of the Q&A with Agent's and Editors.


Bonus Round:

Nicole Hunter's WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END has been nominated for yet another award: the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards (better known as the IPPYs) for religious fiction.

Maybe once the New York publishers are finished with their Spring sales meetings, they will notice this book . . . before it costs them an arm and a leg.