Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Foreword (goes backward)

Today's P5, for August 9, 2005:

(1) COOKIN' FOR LOVE: 11,124 5
(2) SUFFER IN SILENCE: 25,524 6
(4) THE CHICAGO KILLER: 168,288 5
(5) RATED F: 267,398 5

So . . . it appears everyone is in the review-for-fee business these days. Larry Portzline tipped me off to a new (I'm assuming it's new) offering from Foreword (another highly respected name in the publishing industry) where they will review books for a fee.

$250. That's $50 cheaper than Kirkus! What a marvelous deal! *sigh*

One difference from Kirkus is that the Foreword service seems to be targeted to small/POD publishers as opposed to the author him/herself.

Oh, and the reviews will not show up in Foreword magazine.

Apparently, this pay-to-play reviewing is an up-and-coming trend. I wonder when the Post and the Times will start doing it. *giggle* Rest assured, folks--POD-dy will always be free.