Monday, September 26, 2005


I had this book slated for later this year, but after my gentle rant about book titles last week, how could I not review this one next? I mean, c'mon--who doesn't want to own a book with nipple in the title?

Truth is, this is one funny, well-written book about the joys (shock, embarrassment, confusion, frustration . . .) of being the father of a newborn. For those of you who picked up Michael Crider's GUY'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING PREGNANCY, CHILDBIRTH AND THE FIRST YEAR OF CHILDHOOD, this will take up where you left off--or rather, serve as a friendly companion.

Roger Friedman's NIPPLE CONFUSION, UNCOORDINATED POOPING AND SPITTLE: THE LIFE OF A NEWBORN'S FATHER starts at week 35 of the pregnancy and moves on to the less, um, predictable days of childbirth and child-rearing. He hits the nail on the head about all of the things you expect to have happen naturally, but are anything from naturally easy (i.e. delivery, breastfeeding, even buying clothes) as well as the common falsities (yes, a baby girl's pee shoots across the room just like a boy's.)Friedman's book manages to teach and entertain at the same time and will deliver more than a few out-loud bursts of laughter.

NIPPLE CONFUSION is highly entertaining, and gives a genuine glimpse into the life-changing events on the way (or, if you're lucky, out of the way.) Friedman's storytelling is very comfortable and glides by easily, as if he is telling you these stories over a beer in a local pub--and a hundred miles away from the nearest stinky diaper. It's a nice relaxing read after some the heavier books I've been reviewing recently. Enjoy.