Friday, November 18, 2005

Breakfast? An entire chocolate cake (because you're an adult now and you can do what you want.)

Hey, sweet tooth. We put extra calories in everything we bake here at the Cafe, so don't worry about gaining weight (it is certain.)

Speaking of calories, here's your P5 :

(1) SUFFER IN SILENCE: 22,842 5
(2) COOKIN' FOR LOVE: 71,999 5
(5) A TEST OF SURVIVAL: 144,224 5


For fans of Ian Hocking's DEJA VU (like me) or anyone who wanted to read it but has not yet made the effort (you lazy bastard), now you can listen to it--for free!

It turns out that Dr. Hocking is releasing DEJA VU as a free podcast audiobook, with installments being delivered every Saturday at about 20 minutes per clip. This is a great idea--and something many POD authors should look into to generate some publicity. Word of mouth never hurt anyone.


For those of you who enjoyed STORIES OF STRENGTH, it turns out Lulu has another book benefiting the Katrina victims (via the Red Cross). This book, IN KATRINA'S WAKE is also inspirational, though in the form of poetry. Check it out!


Ahhh, the negative Amazon review. Why do so many folks work so hard at getting the negative reviews of their books removed? Well, as we all might've guessed, they have an effect on sales. And, in relation, all of those endless positive comments don't seem to have much impact at all. If they did, half of all the PA books would be bestsellers. (I have seen some with over fifty 5-star ratings, all reviews with two sentences, all by "readers" instead of people using names, and all (wouldn't you know) possessing the same spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Personally, I will ignore reviews if I pick up on that vibe. Some books, however, do get countless 5-star reviews and are reviewed by folks who review regularly and that offer some unique insight into the book. Overall, I'd say I trust a genuine Amazon reviewer over most of the reviewers for national papers. And I certainly trust a consensus of a dozen Amazon reviewers over Michiko.

Well, enjoy your day. No complaining about tummy aches, now. They come along with being an adult.

Back Monday with #41!