Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Diane Duane considers POD

For those of you unfamiliar with Diane Duane, she has written many books with major publishers and many are selling quite well. She is, indeed, a popular author.

However, as this article from BoingBoing points out, Warner has decided not to publish the third book in a trilogy she was writing (among other books) because sales of the first two lagged. Her potential solution? POD that bad boy--since fans as been asking her to finish the series.

From her blog:

The obvious solution to this problem is publication on demand (POD). I don't mind doing that. But you have to understand that it ain't cheap at the reader's end. Without dragging you all through the math -- which would take me a while, and I have enough trouble with math after the caffeine hits, let alone before it -- let's just say that a "trade paperback" perfect-bound copy of The Big Meow is going to cost you hardcover prices, not paperback. If I'm to make any money at all on the deal (by which I mean, at least recoup my publishing and labor expenses), you're going to be paying $20-25 for a copy of this book.

The truth is, however, that TO VISIT THE QUEEN is published by Warner/Aspect and is selling for $18.99 (for 354 pages.) I'm not sure POD would be any higher, really.