Monday, December 05, 2005

THE DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY by Jeremy Robinson (Lulu)

If you could travel back in time to one significant event, where would you go?

Yeah, that's what I thought. C'mon, be creative. Don't think oh, man, I'd go back to high school and catch that pass in the end zone during the semi-finals or I'd go back and marry Jimmy instead of Edgar.

Think progressively. Where would you go? How about telling the Secret Service to put JFK in a car with a top on it. Or telling Nixon to burn the tapes. Or giving Lee a heads-up to stay the heck out of Gettysburg. The Tsunami. Normandy. 9/11. Think.

Well, no matter what, Jeremy Robinson probably outwitted you: He chose, as the plot for his time-travel novel, THE DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY, to go to the death of Jesus Christ in an attempt to witness a failed resurrection.

Not only is this a great plot twist, it's wonderfully executed. Time travel is a difficult task to bring to light. The fourth dimension has always been an item of great interest to storytellers but it has to be dealt with delicately or things quickly get out of control. Mr. Robinson has done a fine job of mixing in the science and keeping the story simple enough that you get to the end point without getting headache. (Case in point: How did these young scientists create such a device for time travel? Their older selves, after a lifetime of work, sent it back to the doctors at an earlier age. Snazzy, eh?)

The book has a Christian focus (as you can imagine) though certainly will not be on any CBA lists. This is a traditional thriller (think Chrichton) with a focus on the penultimate Christian event (do not think LEFT BEHIND.) Thinner on character development (like most thrillers) and heavier on plot mechanics (like most thrillers), DIDYMUS will have you reading until you hit the final page.

You can either pick up this stellar thriller at Amazon for $18 or Lulu for $15 and change. Either way it is a super page-turner and a thought-provoker.