Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Help out a Katrina victim: the Garden District Book Shop In New Orleans

My friend and talented author, Will Clarke, has brought our attention to the re-opening of the Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans, a book store that was closed for months after Katrina slammed into the city. They are finally open once again and have some cool stuff to sell--and could use your patronage. Will writes:

Garden District Book Shop is a great, independently owned bookstore in New Orleans. When authors come to the Big Easy, this is the place to sign. Mainly because, the owner Britton and his staff are so dang nice and they love books and they always serve wine and cheese and make it a really special event. In short, they are big part of the New Orleans literary scene.

Not only that but they have oodles of signed product! Signed copies of books by David Sedaris, Anne Rice, and other great authors, including some clown named Will Clarke. And these are the kind of people who, when you ask for a recommendation, know what they are talking about. Cherish booksellers like these.

Besides, how cool is a book store that serves wine and cheese at a book signing? I'm heading to New Orleans for my next book tour!

Order some signed books (and other stuff) now and get them in time for the holidays. The store number is (504) 895-2266. Tell 'em Poddy sent you.

Oh, God, don't do that.