Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JACUZZI by Ken Jacuzzi (iUniverse)

Most of you are familiar with the Jacuzzi tub because it was an upgrade to your super bath or because you drank too much in one on spring break or during a mid-life crisis.

But do you know why it was invented? Candido Jacuzzi invented it specifically for his disabled son, Ken, author of this wonderful memoir.

This book tells stirring stories of this Italian family immigrating from Italy and setting up shop here in America, how they acted as pioneers in many areas of engineering (they invented the first enclosed cabin monoplane, for example), and how they survived as a family.

The story of the invention of the famous spa is interesting enough, but it is the genuine tales from the heart that make this book worth reading, hearing of how Ken survived the pain and misery of his disability and his offerings for survival and happiness. This book is well-written and a delightful read, inspiring to the end.

You will enjoy this heartwarming memoir--though you will not enjoy it affordably. It is one of those classic $32 paperbacks that make most people wince, no matter how compelling the writing or story may be. Is it worth the cash? Sure. But only you know how to control your budget.