Friday, February 03, 2006

Kirkus Smirkus

Here is a letter I recently received from a jaded soul who entered the Kirkus Contest. I've received many emails of this type over the last few months--form jaded Kirkus hopefuls, that is--and thought I would share with all of you. Here is the email in its entirety (please add "aw, shucks" at all complimentary sentences):

Dear POD-y Mouth:

Having found it having Googled "Kirkus LiteraryAward," I have been reading your blog and must say I thoroughly enjoy it. Insightful and well-written.

I entered the kirkus kontest, being that I was a mite frustrated with publishers and my agent. Including making the copies, shipping, and that $150 entry fee, the whole megillah totaled about $200, as you predicted. Your points were spot on about this "contest" and the bogus "award" that comes with it. You win the contest, and you really lose.

It's been three months, and I haven't seen a winner yet. Despite my efforts to get information, I have not received a single telephone call, letter, or e-mail, letting me know about the results.

Kirkus has, however, cashed my check.

Wish I had found your blog earlier and saved some dough.


Read, don't weep:


And how about this from Publishers Weekly:

Calling Small Publishers
The deadline for small publishers to be considered for our annual look at fast-growing small publishers feature is Feb. 10. To be considered, publishers with net sales between $2 and $10 million should submit sales figures, number of titles and number of employees in 2003, 2004, 2005 to Sales figures will be held in confidence. A summary explaining the reasons for growth should also be included.

Here is the scary thing: I am guessing PublishAmerica qualifies. I wonder if they know? If they want to be considered a real publisher (*cough*) then they should act like one and get involved here.

Any small press PODs out there hitting two million in sales yet? I hope so, but that is a lot of books, especially to be primarily restricted by online sales. The sooner the better for you guys!

And, yes, the long awaited return of treasure on Monday! Stay tuned all!