Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Max exposed (to plug a book?)

In case you haven't heard, Mad Max has exposed himself. What--that's not right. Mad Max has exposed his identity.

So unless he calls his schlong identity--which might be a cool name, actually--I am in the clear.

Turns out our dear Max is actually Dan Conaway, Executive Editor over at the noble and highly-respected Penguin Putnam. What a coincidence. He has brought himself to light in order to plug a book (granted, one he discussed at length on his blog) that has just been released.

What a coincidence. Again.

Small publishing world we live in. Very, very small.

That said, Bowker says in passing that there are 85,000 publishers. Holy cow. I didn't know there were 85,000 authors. Kind of hard to imagine you can't get a book published somewhere, somehow. But we know the hard truth.