Monday, February 13, 2006

NEVER SAY MURDER by Geoffrey Walters (Dog Ear Publishing)

Greg Thackery is a sex addict. And like most addicts, he's a bit paranoid. So when he witnesses someone threatening to kill his co-worker--and his co-worker soon ends up on the slab--he thinks the cause of death is more than just heart trouble, as everyone claims.

And based on the horrible and sudden downward spiral of Greg's life, his paranoia might be more in line with reality than he thought.

So goes the plotline of NEVER SAY MURDER by Geoffrey Walters. This is a snappy little thriller--er, murder mystery--er, pulp fiction/whodunit. For those who don't get my point, this book defies categorization.

The upside? The odds are you're going to like this tasty treat. Walters manages to deliver, no matter what your preference in fiction may be. Fast paced and a fast read, he weaves a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and manages to mix in some new elements. (Greg Thackery is not exactly in the wrong place at the wrong time; he's highly imperfect. When this recovering sex addict is fired for having downloaded porn to his computer, he has to wonder who knows about his problems enough to have planted it there.)

But it seems everyone has secrets--including his murdered co-worker--and Greg must hurry to sort them all out before there is nothing left of his life.

You can grab this super novel from Amazon (with the 32% discount!) at a mere $10.85. What are you waiting for? Even James Frey doesn't write fiction this well. (*rim shot*)