Thursday, August 10, 2006

Help E.J. Knapp!

For all you BKSP fans (and everyone else), you should take note of a publishing pro in need. E.J. Knapp, who is affiliated with Backspace, has fallen on some hard times. I know, we're all broke and struggling and hoping they'll come out with some new flavors of ramen noodles--but E.J. is really broke and struggling.

Rather than whine and stick out his hand looking for help, he came up with an ingenious idea: He's asked writers and poets to donate stories and is selling them for $2 apiece via PayPal. It's called 1500 Stories in 20 Days (enough time and cash to get his car back.)

Take a look at the list. It's impressive--and growing. It's a great way to help and to enjoy some great writing. Please check it out.