Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Morning Burnt Toast, Dry.

Welcome to the POD-dy Mouth Cafe, where your eggs come crunchy and salmonella rules. Enjoy today's giblets.

And for those of you following Ms. Snark's Literary blog, note the entry regarding "Day 3" (approx. 2 pm.) Please do not send your self-published book (let alone three at one time) to an agent or editor unless they have requested it first, okay? Please remember/review what agents and editors (at least the five I interviewed) think about what to do with your POD book. The person who sent these to the Madam of Snark threw a lot of cash in the garbage.

Wait! Before you POD that memoir of yours, you ought to
check out this opportunity. No query letters needed, no agents, no recommendations from a bestselling author. All you need is a two-minute verbal pitch. Reality TV ties in to publishing. The end of the world is quite near.

Winner gets published by Random House (Arrow) and 25,000 Sterling.

Just for fun, you should check out (again)
Bookends, a bookstore in New Jersey that is doing with POD what Barnes and Noble claimed they were going to do five years ago: print off books right in the store. They are not printing all POD titles, only the ones for which they have sold their services. It is still interesting, however, to see how it works, and to imagine it as a (dim) global possibility somewhere down the line.

And speaking of Bookends, pop over to the
Published in New York Newsletter and check out all the great stories/links about POD (even I'm mentioned--aww, shucks.)

And what do you know: iUniverse is hiring for a Director of Author Marketing and Book Sales. Unusual for a POD company (for them to try marketing at all.) Check out the job description and see if you're qualified.

Never mind, you're not qualified.

But you will get an interesting insight into what/how they work.

Lastly, here is a
cute little editorial from Lauren Baratz-Logsted (she is guest blogging SLAY YOUR DEMONS) and talks about (what most writers think but never say about) libraries. (see Wednesday's entry)

Enjoy! And you, there, in the back--only two butter packets per person, please.