Thursday, April 06, 2006

Liza Dawson Associates Explodes (in a good way)

In the if-you-need-an-agent department, we here at the Mouth wanted to tip you off to the fact that Liza Dawson Associates (a literary agency, for those of you not in the know) has hired not one, but three new agents.

Here is the official juice, courtesy of Publishers Marketplace:

Literary agency Liza Dawson Associates has hired author, small press publisher, and former journalist Karen E. Quinones Miller, representing nonfiction and commercial fiction. Havis Dawson, formerly an editor-in-chief of business magazines at VNU, has joined the agency to focus on business, political, and self-help books, along with commercial fiction. Anna Olswanger, coordinator of the Jewish Children's Book Writers’ Conference at the 92nd Street Y and a children's book author, will represents book for both adults and young readers, with a particular interest in Judaica.

So what are you waiting for? I'm sure Liza and her crew would like nothing more than several thousand new queries to go through!


You know who else would love (*choke*) a cavalcade of queries? Molly Friedrich! She, currently with the Aaron Priest Literary Agency, is setting up her own shop in July--and bringing Paul Cirone with her. Giddy-up! (The least you can do is actually wait until July.)

And--God give me strength--it's the return of treasure on Monday for my first selection of 2006. Here we go again!