Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All the good stuff is someplace else.

Check out these fun POD/Publishing tidbits for some good reading:

(1) Xerox has found yet another way to make the point that you "can't do this without POD technology" with their new offering of customized Teacher's Edition books. This is the kind of thing (not the publishing of countless bundles of inferior fiction and memoirs) that can/will reshape the publishing industry.

(2) Check out this new blog by an anonymous PublishAmerica author. It has some worthy insights. Best of all, the first post is an open letter to PA and starts with this: "You don’t know me, but I published my first book through your company in April of 2005."

(3) Romance writers and readers are getting picked on. Again.

(4) A very new and cool blog is out and about in the land of literary anonymity: The Rejecter. He/She works as an assistant literary agent and offers advice on how to get past the first line of rejections. In the vein of Kristin Nelson's blog and Miss Snark, there is some great info and advice here.

(5) PubGuy has a cool little interview with Susanne Severeid (author of the POD-dy pick, THE DEATH OF MILLY MAHONEY) and her subsequent landing of an agent.