Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A few post-holiday goodies . . . .

Wow. My post on "random notes" generated over 40,000 hits over the holiday weekend, thanks to a few major sites picking up the link! Thanks for visiting, y'all. I'm on vacation (or "out to lunch," as my editor would say) but I wanted to pass along a few goodies.

First of all, check out this article on Mark Falkin, the dude who wrote the delicious DAYS OF GRACE. It mentions little old me. Which, of course, makes it an outstanding article.

Next, great news for John Skipp, former POD-dy Mouth pick for CONSCIENCE, who sold this novella and more to Dorchester. From Publishers Marketplace:

Splatterpunk John Skipp's THE LONG LAST CALL, and a novella, CONSCIENCE, to Don D'auria at Leisure Books, by Lori Perkins at L. Perkins Agency (NA).

Lastly, check out Jason Pinter's blog entry on the truth about literary agents. He should know; he's an editor (for Three Rivers Press) and an author, whose debut title will be released from Mira in one year. So he plays for both teams, so to speak--and he speaks the truth. Should be mandatory reading for all unpublished authors.