Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting the insider info . . .

I'm getting tons o' feedback about the agent diatribe--best of all, stories from writers, both published and unpublished, about how great (but mostly ungreat) their agents are. I'm going to post some of these stories over time. It only seems right that I should frighten you so close to Halloween. Besides, the goal of this blog is to enlighten you, dear readers, to books you might never have come to know--and to educate you along the way.

Speaking of education, my dear friend Lauren Baratz-Logsted is fielding questions over at Backspace through Wednesday. How much better can you get than direct answers from a well-published author? She knows her stuff, too--so don't pass this opportunity up.

Also, Publishers Lunch passed along two more publishing blogs worth checking out:

1) Yet another veiled agent blog: Agent Kate, writing to you from Brooklyn, New York.

2) Apparently NY agent Andrew Zack has a blog worthy of perusal.

Remember--no matter what you do with your writing (whether you are going POD or placed as a front-list blockbuster with Random House) you should always gather as much information as you can first.