Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Every PODers best friend: Amazon.

Amazon has decided to "kick up" their POD presence/availability/quality by selecting HP's Indigo Presses for its ever growing POD book business.

Amazon is completely focused on the customer experience," said Greg Greeley, vice president of books at Amazon.com. "This collaboration with HP will enable us to significantly increase the number of available titles our customers can purchase while offering publishers the highest quality color printing options."

Amazon has pretty much been the main way (fair to say they sell 90% of all POD titles?) for self-pubbed authors to get their product in the hands of the reading community. Follow this statistical nugget and you'll see why they are so committed:

The books-on-demand market is expected to grow from approximately 20 billion book pages in 2006 to approximately 38 billion book pages by 2009.(1) This is due chiefly to the increasing demand for small-volume, rare and self-published books.


Along with Susanne Severeid, you can find another Hollywooder (Hollywoodite? Hollywoodist?) using POD to get a book into the ether: Diana Douglas (the mommy of Michael Douglas). Check it out.


And if you are looking for someone to review your fantasy novel, you might want to check this out.


And if you're simply looking for a little justice in the world . . .