Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bestsellerdom (Bestseller, dumb)

The P5 for August 3, 2005:

(1) SUFFER IN SILENCE: 22,353 5
(2) COOKIN' FOR LOVE: 34,873 5
(4) THE CIRCLE OF SODOM: 59,481 5

However, to really blow your mind (it blew mine) you should check out this Amazon bestseller (I'm not reviewing it--merely pointing out an interesting fact) that, when I looked at it this morning, was ranked 74 (it is currently 619.) That's pretty smokin' for POD. The only title I know that seems to be performing better is this title from Lulu.

As for me? 9,076 today.

One final word (nail in the coffin) on the Kirkus thing, and then I'll drop it and let them go back to making $300 a pop from self-pubbed authors:

I had a lot (a lot) of emails generated about the Kirkus thing, everyone from PODers to editors to agents to a journalist from the Tribune. And (almost) everyone had some good points to make. One of my favorites came from Cavan Terrill, who did some research on the results regarding sales of some Discovery titles. Cavan writes:

"When the first Kirkus Discoveries newsletter was emailed to me, I picked three books that had been given stellar reviews (at random) and noted their sales ranks on Amazon. Compare that to their results now...

Tiger - Dan Henke
March 10 sales rank: None
July 28 sales rank: None

Hawaii's Adopted World Class Actor - Terence Knapp
March 10 sales rank: approx. 2.16 million
July 28 sales rank: approx. 2.42 million

Menu Log: A Collection of Recipes as Coordinated Menus- Marion Celenza
March 10 sales rank: None
July 28 sales rank: approx. 2.51 million."

Granted, these authors might have been better served spending the $300 on buying their own books from their respective publishers and selling at some sort of book signing.

On the other hand . . .

Nicole Hunter passed this certainly valid opinion on to me:

"The Kirkus Discoveries review was worth it to me for the opportunity to get reviewed caveat-emptor style, and have the quick turnaround (my book was one of their early reviews and it was ready in about six weeks). I liked the fact that my reviewer (who is an editor and a woman, but I know no more about her) both praised and criticized the book. The criticism gave validity to the praise, and I thought her criticisms were fair enough as opinion and perception. The review provided some great pull quotes. As a POD author with no connections in the industry, I was glad for this opportunity, such as it was, since my opportunities were so limited."

Alas, I do wish the folks at Kirkus the best--and hope that their brand-name recognition will not be destroyed.

But couldn't you have given your Virginia Kirkus Literary Award winner a $10,000 cash prize (we call these things advances.) I'm sure Little, Brown could afford it. Just skip your holiday party this December.