Monday, May 08, 2006

FUTUREPROOF by N. Frank Daniels (Lulu)

Want to read a fantastic book that is completely original? (No, seriously: original. No passages ripped from bestselling chick lit!) Then step right up and get a copy of FUTUREPROOF by N. Frank Daniels.

This is not chick lit. But it's definitely lit.

FUTUREPROOF is the coming-of-age story of Luke, a high school kid quickly falling from a world of innocence to the extreme world of sex and drugs. Powerfully written and certainly shocking (this is not a companion for a Nicholas Sparks novel), the reader is thrust into the life-altering events that shape poor Luke's life forever.


I don’t know whether to feel hurt or happy. At least she still wants to hold my hand. And the day is gorgeous. It’s cold and we can see our breath, but it’s the type of cold that feels refreshing after a long night. The sun is warm on our backs and our shadows are long. Michelle jumps in the air and her shadow lands on mine. I do the same to hers. We spend the next few minutes chasing each other’s shadows, laughing, playing. Then we’re holding hands again, surrounded by the morning quiet, the sound of passing traffic somehow far away, the returning birds chirping in newly budding trees lining the sidewalk.

Loss of innocence:

I lay my head on her shoulder and move my hips until I can feel the orgasm coming and I feel like I should be telling her I love her because surely this is what love feels like but I don’t say it, I just keep saying “God” over and over and I don’t stop until my breath is sucked out and I can finally breathe again. I roll off her and hit the wall.

The writing is very edgy (certainly edgier than the snippets above.) If you enjoy writers like Stephen Elliott, you will find a home in FUTUREPROOF. And I haven't felt as chilled reading a novel since I read the snuff film pages from LESS THAN ZERO. This book is haunting for one simple reason: It's convincing.

Forget Generation X and Generation Y. Daniels is writing about Generation Z--and God help us if he's right.

Grab a copy of FUTUREPROOF from Amazon for $20.00 or from Lulu for $15.00. Either way, it's worth every penny.