Monday, May 01, 2006

My apologies, etc.

My email has gotten out of control. Seriously.

I try to cull through the garbage but I am getting so many submissions and requests that it is hard to keep up--and, alas, I haven't.

For the most part, I am many months out on submissions and I am trying to catch up but it has been challenging. If you have submitted your book--or even queried--in the last few months (say, since late February) the odds are I have not gotten to your email. I cannot respond to every query so if I am interested you will hear from me. Eventually.

And I don't even glance at my spam folder. So if your book happens to be about mortgage rates or penis size or winning the lottery, you might not want to put it in the subject line.

Also, I greatly appreciate all the folks who said they bought the Needle winners (their books, that is.)

Now back to culling.