Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stop me if you've heard this one before . . .

Does plagiarism count for art, too? (Facetiousness abounds.) Let's get Ms. Weiner's attorney on the phone and shake the whole publishing world to it's. . . .

Oh, who cares.

There is good news for Megan McCafferty out of all of this, though: She will see a certain sales spike from all of the attention. In fact, the rank for
SLOPPY FIRSTS on Amazon is up to 733 from 1,546 (yesterday)--which is a much farther journey than rising from 2,548,820 to 1,722,988.

As for Viswanathan? She better keep working on that degree from Harvard (and hopefully Jenny Rudolph Walsh hasn't spent all of her commish); books sales will not continue to be hot like they were for James Frey. Despite his false stories, Frey's book was written well; Viswanathan's book was written already. Big difference.

I'll take a bad POD title over an imitation/copycat any day. There is a reason you pay $10K for the Rolex from the jeweler instead of $25 from the guy on the corner. Go buy the real original.

PS: I was kidding about wanting a bad POD. Seriously.