Thursday, May 04, 2006

A tale of two PODs (sort of)

In response to my blog entry a few days ago regarding the similarity of the cover of Will Clarke's DON'T ABUSE THE MUSE to the cover of Collective Soul's YOUTH compact disc, I received some insider info from Todd C. Noker.

Todd, as you faithful readers already know, is the author of the smoking
RATED F, which was a Needle Award finalist this year.

What you may not know, however, is that Todd's day job is being a DJ and Program Director for alternative rock station KXRK out in Salt Lake City, Utah (yes, people rock out in Utah.) Todd says:

The Youth album was put out on a small, independent label. After several successful years with Atlantic/WEA (which was part of the Warner, Elektra, Atlantic label conglomerate) they left the big label for an indie. This gave the band a much bigger piece of the royalties from album sales. For them, it was a gamble. They were a well-known band and figured they could cut the major label out of the deal and sort of do things on their own. The band recorded the album on their own before they put it out on El Music Group. They hired a team of independent promoters to work the record to radio stations and ended up having some good success with it. My radio station, KXRK, ended up not really playing anything from that album because it was more of a Hot AC (young adult contemporary) sound. But they did have a couple of respectable hits in the pop and mainstream rock formats and sold plenty of copies.

See? When rock stars go independent, they're cool. When writers do the same? You know the answer.


Stay tuned Monday when I unearth some serious treasure!