Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday cheer.

Before you take another sip of coffee (or beer), you must take a look at Kristin Nelson's stats for 2006--indicating the amount of work an agent (and an agency) must go through to get a handful of high-quality manuscripts. Next time you are annoyed that you got a form rejection for your manuscript, recall Kristin's blog entry and remember how much work an agent does, and that to hold the hand of every aspiring writer would take a team of a hundred agents. Not to mention psychotherapists. Post a thanks/comment on her entry, too, for not only finding and selling some great books, but for taking the time to share her insider knowledge of the business day after day.

Anyway . . .

I'll be (pretty much) on vacation for a while, until after the New Year. So posting will be rather hit or miss. Mostly miss. Publishing really does come to a standstill during the holiday season, so there will likely not be much to discuss. Upon my return in January, though, we've got big things coming--including the 2006 Needle Awards, which will be even bigger and better than last year.

I do, however, have two book reviews to post. So tune in Monday (or thereabouts) for the first one, which is one the best POD titles I've read this year.

And yes, I will be reading lots of submissions while en route to various family gatherings.

I wish one and all the very best of holidays. Be safe, healthy and happy!