Thursday, January 04, 2007

You go on vacation and the whole world changes.

If you happened to miss this great article in the LA Times, it is a must read. I love Amazon, but this is a bit weird (a.k.a. lame). Maybe this is why PublishAmerica titles are so incredibly high-priced.

I'm kidding. Don't email me.

From now on, I'm buying my stuff on the spot.


And in my little part of the world (roughly-speaking), libraries are becoming nothing more than a Borders Express.

Maybe a better idea (just maybe) than tossing the books that no one has read is to pull them all aside, set them up at the front of the library on bright red shelves with a sign that reads, "Look what you've been missing."


And on the flip-side (library-wise), take a gander at what the New York Public Library is doing. That's right, a POD machine on site (for all books). If this technology catches on, it could be the best possible thing for self-published authors ever (and the most confusing and overwhelming option for consumers).